Monday, 14 April 2014

Tabriz Metro Photos 2014

The Public Relations subway Tabriz, Tabriz subway cars after the first 22 days of moving into the city of Bandar Abbas, Tabriz.

In this regard was decided on Wednesday, dated 93/1/27 , at 11 am Welcoming ceremony with certain formalities to be held with the participation of provincial and municipal officials . There had to be a great event Tabriz Historic Metropolis .

A ROM trains ( 5 cars ) with the following nominal specifications , installation and testing of cold and hot , dear citizens, is being utilized and presented to bitterness during the construction phase with the opening line of a sweet turn.

A Tabriz Urban Railway Line fleet

Fleet forecast for Tabriz urban railway line arrangement , 5 wagons ( including cars, motor

 Two wagons and trailers ) will have a length of about 100 meters . Passengers ride in platforms

 During the train made.

The major characteristics of the fleet is as follows :

Passenger capacity per wagon : 172 Nfraystadh , 42 people sitting

214 people

Train Carrying capacity : 1070 people per 5 persons per square meter

Power Consumption : 1500 V DC

Get the type of power : the power overhead

Number of doors per car : 8 Doors

The wagon : 20 m

Wagon width : 2600 mm

Wagon height : 3700 mm

Floor height : 1100 mm

Maximum train speed of 80 km per hour

Average speed of 32 kilometers per hour

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